Effortlessly communicate road closures and incidents with Clozure

what is clozure?

Clozure is a purpose-built platform designed to enhance the management of road networks and communications for council staff. Tailored to address the unique challenges encountered in rural and regional areas, Clozure provides a national map accessible to the public, featuring real-time data from participating local government areas (LGAs).

By equipping council staff with tools for accurate real-time data, offline access to closure information, intuitive closure marking and editing, a robust information system, user-friendly routing, and AI-powered social media posts, Clozure transforms road management practices. Through seamless closure reporting, efficient social media sharing, and public incident reporting, Clozure ensures timely and accurate information dissemination, reducing errors and improving communication. Moreover, by offering a simple code snippet for council websites, Clozure enables visitors to access interactive maps displaying real-time closures within their area, eliminating the need for manual updates.



National Solution for Road Incident Management

Clozure provides a unified and standardised road incident management application that is designed to meet the needs of all LGAs across Australia


User-generated Incident Reporting

By providing a platform for the general public to report incidents, this increases transparency and community engagement, leading to better-informed decisions and improved relationships between Local Governments and the public.


Efficient Communications

Enable efficient communication by automatically generating social media posts using AI with attached maps and establishing live links to your LGAs road status pages, ensuring timely and consistent updates.


Auto routing navigation

Reduce LGA call volumes during natural disasters by providing auto-routing around incidents. With this feature, residents can easily navigate alternative routes, minimising disruptions and congestion.


Effortless Onboarding

Clozure offers hassle-free onboarding with no upfront fees, transparent pricing options, and no need for Councils to provide network information. With all the groundwork already done, Clozure ensures a seamless transition.

Drone Footage: Craig Dwyer

Drone Footage: Craig Dwyer

About us

Clozure was founded by Jaymes and Jerad in the Central West of NSW, sparked by the floods in Forbes in 2021 and 2022, which highlighted the need for a centralised approach to road management. Drawing on their expertise in local government operations and software development, they aimed to redefine road management nationwide, addressing not only incidents but also scheduled work and maintenance.