Effortlessly communicate road closures and incidents with Clozure



National Solution for Road Incident Management

Clozure provides a unified and standardised road incident management application that is designed to meet the needs of all LGAs across Australia


User-generated Incident Reporting

By providing a platform for the general public to report incidents, this increases transparency and community engagement, leading to better-informed decisions and improved relationships between Local Governments and the public.


Efficient Communications

Enable efficient communication by automatically generating social media posts using AI with attached maps and establishing live links to your LGAs road status pages, ensuring timely and consistent updates.


Auto routing navigation

Reduce LGA call volumes during natural disasters by providing auto-routing around incidents. With this feature, residents can easily navigate alternative routes, minimising disruptions and congestion.


Effortless Onboarding

Clozure offers hassle-free onboarding with no upfront fees, transparent pricing options, and no need for Councils to provide network information. With all the groundwork already done, Clozure ensures a seamless transition.

Drone Footage: Craig Dwyer

Drone Footage: Craig Dwyer

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Take a journey through the capabilities of Clozure as you step into the shoes of both a member of the public and a dedicated council staff member. Experience firsthand how Clozure transforms the way communities and local governments handle road closures, incidents, and emergencies.

As a member of the public, explore the power of real-time road closure information, alternative route suggestions, and incident updates. On the other side, dive into the role of a council staff member and witness the seamless process of marking incidents, managing road closures, and communicating with the public. Discover the efficiency of automated incident updates, the convenience of media attachments, and the simplicity of communication that keeps everyone informed.

Ready to see it in action? Step into the Clozure Demo environment and explore the functionalities that are reshaping communication. 

About us

Clozure was founded by a team of budding entrepreneurs driven by a shared passion for simplifying people’s lives. Their frustration with current practices and the disconnected nature of road incident management across states led them to recognise the critical need for a national solution.

Combining their extensive experience in local government operations and software development, this visionary team embarked on a mission to revolutionise how road incidents are managed. Their primary objective is to empower local authorities and establish seamless communication channels with the community.

Comprehending the challenges faced by local governments, Clozure’s dedicated efforts are centred around delivering an all-in-one solution that addresses the key pain points of road incident management. By understanding the unique requirements of local authorities, they have developed a user-friendly platform that enhances transparency, efficiency, and cost savings.

One of the standout features of Clozure is its comprehensive nature, offering a wide range of functionalities within a single platform. It serves as a centralised hub where local governments can manage road incidents, track real-time information, and facilitate effective communication with the community.

In challenging times like natural disasters when navigation becomes particularly difficult, Clozure provides an innovative auto detouring feature. This means that the platform automatically generates alternative routes to bypass closed roads and guides users seamlessly to their destinations. By incorporating this capability Clozure not only streamlines the process for residents, but also assists local governments in managing traffic flow during critical situations. 

The team has a focus on features and workflows that can ease the pressure on front desk and reception staff that field questions from the public, ensuring that information is easily communicated and accessible. We recognise that channels of communication are wide and varied, and to reach a whole community it is essential to embrace existing channels. Clozure employs AI technology to generate communication drafts from data in the system, saving countless staff hours and ensuring that tedious spelling or grammatical errors are eliminated. These can be reviewed and published to any and all social media platforms, ensuring that the community can be reached wherever they are.

Council websites are a common source of road closure information for the local area, but they can be tedious and frustrating to update. Clozure offers a small snippet of code that can be embedded in your website, providing real-time data on-demand with no further maintenance. Simply paste the snippet into a page on your website, and users will receive a table of the current and scheduled closures, without leaving the page.

With an unwavering entrepreneurial spirit, this passionate team is determined to redefine road incident management by providing an all-in-one solution that simplifies processes and delivers improved outcomes for local governments nationwide.